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Floor almost done… and painting the frame

The floor is trimmed, fitted, and welded in.   Need to finish the welding, grind down the seams, use seam sealer, and then prime the floor.  Of course, I need to get the seat platforms welded on too.  But at least there is a floor!

The bottom of the floor is already painted.  We have started painting the frame as well.

Once the inner driver’s quarter panel wheel well and the passenger trunk floor pieces arrive, those can be welded as well.

I also had to order a radio repair piece.  The previous owner really butchered the radio area of the metal dash.

Crap! Found more rust…

After cutting away the quarter panels and the floor, we found more rust.  So a little more time for rust repair.  We are re-blasting those areas that we would not get to with the initial media blasting.  Then we will cut away and fabricate metal patches for those areas, and then weld down the floor.

But we are getting close.  Maybe a week or two away from being done with metal work and spraying the undercoating …

But I had to order the inner wheelwell on the driver’s side and the passenger side trunk pan to replace that metal. There is another $75 in parts!

Engine Bay Work done, Quarter Panels in Progress

We ahve the engine bay work almost complete.  New front left and right aprons installed, and new core radiator support installed.  I am still waiting for the headlight bucket mounts to arrive so those can be welded on so we can paint the engine compartment.

I had to return the floor pans I bought and get a one-piece full floor since the hump was butchered up around the shifter.  The box was pretty beat up from the shipper (see picture) so hopefully we will not have to contact them regarding missing pieces.

The driver’s quarter panel is removed.  after the full floor is removed we will spot check and do some additional media blasting to hit those areas we could not reach before.

By the end of the week, should have floor and quarter panels installed and ready to go!

We’ve Got Parts!

So my shopping spree was a bit more than I originally intended, but it made sence to have the doors and fenders installed when the quarter panels were installed so the door gaps could be made uniform.

So here is the parts list:

  • Radiotor/Crossmember Support
  • FrontLeft Fender Apron
  • Front Right Fender Apron
  • Left Headlamp Panel Bracket
  • Right Headlamp Panel Bracket
  • Left Front fender
  • Right Front Fender
  • Battery Tray Kit
  • Fender Bolts
  • Right Door Shell
  • Left Door Shell
  • Door Hinge Bolts
  • Left Full Quarter Panel
  • Right Outer Quarter Panel Patch
  • Full Floor Pan Kit
  • Front Fender Splash Guard Kit
  • Rear Fender Splash Guard Kit

Damage Revealed

About halfway through the media blasting, and look at what we find…

As I expected, that thick layer of body filler was hiding a damaged quarter panel with shabby metal work.  So besides welding on a new floor, we get to replace a quarter panel as well.

But the rest of the car is pretty rust free and looks as good as I hoped it would.

Now to order sheet metal!

Ready for blasting

The car is loaded up and ready for blasting.  I did a final look through, and found some window chrome and visors/mirror that I forgot to remove.  Plus I tore out the metal screwed to the floorboard to fill the hole.  It is ready.

So these will be the “before” pictures of the car before it is blasted and primed.

The Engine Is Out!

Took some work, but the engine came out easier than I thought.  I yanked the motor and transmission together.  That engine hoist made it easy for me to pull the motor all by myself.

I have decided to go with an engine rebuild because a crate motor is simply an engine rebuild, and the cost difference is signifigant.  And this way I can customize the cam and some other small performance adds.