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Removed exhaust and quarter windows

This weekend was pretty productive.

I only spent a couple hours, but I managed to remove the exhaust system, including unbolting the headers, removing the exhaust and mufflers, and the hangers.   The hook plate for the motor removal also arrived in the mail.

On the interior I got the wiper switch and the headlight switch removed, as well as removing the wipers.  I still need to remove the wiper motor.

The challenge was removing the quarter windows.   I had to unbolt the frame, and then inside the cavity separate the window glass from the frame.  Then both came out individually from the top.

I also removed the deck lit and some additional weatherstripping.  I still need to remove the chrome trip around the door windows, remove the drip rail, and the chrome glass molding around the front and rear glass.  I ordered the tool to remove the molding.  Should be in before next weekend.  So next weekend I should have everything finished up so I can remove the motor and the glass.

Then it’s off to media blasting.

Wiring is all gone…

All of the wiring harness is not removed, and I took out the heater box and the cabling for the heat.  I also bolted down the intake manifold so we can remove the motor.

I need to remove the wiper motor still.  And trying to figure out how to remove the headlight and wiper controls from the dash.

More Deconstruction…

Today we removed the other front fender, the headlight bowls, the dashboard instruments, the rear bumper and the rear valence, and the gas tank.  We are getting close…

All that is left is to remove what’s left of the wiring.  Then we can move on to lifting the motor and transmission out of the car, and removing the driveshaft and exhaust.  Then all that is left is the glass.

Then we are ready for media blasting!

Deconstruction Begins

I started the deconstruction process.

Removed the driver’s door and front fender.  Also removed the front bumper, front apron, and one light bowl.  Grill and lighting also removed.

I am debating removing the passenger front fender and door.  Should I yank them out now or wait and blast them first and decide if I want to remove them?  Trunk lid too.  Maybe I am just second guessing myself because I am tired and ready to stop for the day.



Engine Rebuild

City Motor
$1,000 rebuild – 275hp

Body Panels

For around $1000 I can replace all the body panels I need to:

  • Drivers door shell – $249
  • Passenger door shell – $249
  • Driver front fender, Passenger front fender – $269
  • Hood – $145
  • Trunk Lid – $159
  • Front and Rear Bumper – $217

Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 2.59.58 PM