The Mustang is Back Home!

The car is back from the painters and back at home!  It is stiiting tall since there is no motor.

I already installed the tires and wheels so she sits pretty.   I also installed the gas tank, the filler hose, the gas cap, the tail lights, and the head lights.  I started to install the grille and trip, but they sent me the wrong driver’s side grill trip, and I need the hood latch to come in because the grille mounts to it.

I still need to finish installing the grille and bumpers… then this phase is complete.  Other than some clean up items… install new hood hinges and bolts, the hood latch.

Te next purchase is the steering and suspension.  Here is what’s in the kit I am getting next:

  • 1″ drop template
  • 1/4″ Poly coil spring insulators
  • GT 1″ drop coil springs
  • 1 ” front sway bar kit
  • Roller spring perches
  • Standard Upper arms
  • Standard Lower arms
  • Strut rod bushings
  • Manual Steering kit with roller idler arm
  • KYB Front shocks
  • KYB GR2 Rear shocks
  • 4.5 Mid eye 1″ drop leaf springs with new U-Bolt, front eye bolt and rear shackle kit
  • Disc brake kit